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About Us

I, Tamei Denham-Thompson, founded CallTACT Marketing, Inc. in 2004. After several years in the business working for 2 other Telemarketing firms doing everything from telemarketing, quality control, managing the floor, sales to being a Vice President overseeing all operations, I decided that if I wanted control over the type of telemarketers calling on behalf of my clients (NOT OUTSOURCING), then I would need to do it alone. I started in a spare bedroom with just a few clients. Happy to make them happy. It didn’t take long before others found out I was in business for myself and things went from there.

Today, we have 2 offices in 2 different States (one in California & our Corporate in Southern Oklahoma) and over 30 employees. I am still very involved on a daily basis with each & every client’s campaigns. Sometimes, I’ll even get on the phone and telemarket on a client’s behalf. Having 2 offices in different states really allows us to find a variety of Marketing Coordinators with different life/work experience, personalities and accents to be effective in every area of the United States and Canada. WE OUTSOURCE NOTHING!!


“With the help of CallTACT Marketing, Inc. I closed over $800,000 in new commercial business last year”

- Brad Worth

"The experience that CallTACT offers outweighs that of any other telemarketing firms we have tried in the past. They have market place knowledge and are an extension of our professionalism. 'Proof is in the pudding' we simply have a better sales ratio working with CallTACT."

- Andrea Der Manouel

Our Staff

Tamei Thompson


Tamei has been in the telemarketing industry for over 20 years (prior experience is in the Social Services industry). 

Kiri Staggs

Vice President of Operations

Kiri has been with CallTACT Marketing, Inc. since 2008 and has served in many capacities. She now manages the call center floor.

Amber Melton

Vice President

Amber has been with CallTACT Marketing, Inc. since 2012 and as you can see wears many hats.  She has been married to her Coach/Teacher husband, Jake for 11 years.

Kim Osborne

Vice President of Sales

Kim and Tamei have been friends for over 20 years.  She has extensive experience in telemarketing, collections and management.