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Our Staff

Tamei Thompson - President

Tamei has been in the telemarketing industry for over 20 years (prior experience is in the Social Services industry).  From a telemarketer to Vice President and now an Owner/President.  She has been married to her husband for 15 years.  They enjoy their 30 acre ranch with their kids & grandchildren.  Tamei and her husband are very involved with a local classic car club, serving in all capacities at one time or another.  Besides their classic cars (1969 Olds Cutlass, 1961 Chevy pickup & 1972 Fiat Spider), they also enjoy fishing, mudding and NASCAR.  They both were born & raised in the Central Valley of California and moved to Oklahoma in 2001.

Angela Miller - Vice President of Operations

Angela has been with CallTACT since 2009.  She is truly Tamei’s keeper.  From accounting to customer service, she is definitely the nuts & bolts of CallTACT Marketing, Inc.  Angela has 2 teenage boys and although she has many interests, she spends most of her free time catering to them and their friends.

Michael Fancher - Vice President of Sales

Michael has been a driving force in CallTACT’s growth since 2010.  Michael has 14 years of sales & marketing experience.  He has 4 children (all but one are grown) and enjoys shooting guns, competitive RC Racing & camping.  

Kiri Staggs - Floor Manager

Kiri has been with CallTACT Marketing, Inc. since 2008 and has served in many capacities.  She now manages the call center floor.  She has a brand new baby, Davin and is enjoying being a new mom.  Kiri likes to exercise her artistic abilities by drawing, painting & creating many fun things!  She also loves to travel.

Amber Melton - Floor Supervisor/List Developer/Quality Control Manager

Amber has been with CallTACT Marketing, Inc. since 2012 and as you can see wears many hats.  She has been married to her Coach/Teacher husband, Jake for 11 years.  They have 2 sons, who are truly her life.  Amber LOVES to spend time with her kids, baseball games (of course, her husband’s a coach), reading and music.  

Kim Osborne - Sales Manager/California Location

Kim and Tamei have been friends for over 20 years.  She has extensive experience in telemarketing, collections and management.  She has been a key person in growing the California office.  She has one daughter, who is a teacher to the visually impaired in California and 2 granddaughters.  Kim enjoys reading, music & travel (she’s been to many Countries).

Laura Miller - Floor Manager/California Location

Laura started with CallTACT in their California office when they opened in May, 2013.  She has done it all and is an integral part of this office.  She has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing & management, including Real Estate.  She has 4 kids (all grown) & 9 grandchildren.  Laura enjoys experiencing life…..horses, hiking & motorcycles.