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Simply put, we specialize in Business to Business TELEMARKETING!  The fact is we’ve thought about branching out and offering other services such as; web design, e-mail blasts, newsletters, etc. but we felt that would take our attention away from what we know really works…..TALKING TO THE DECISION MAKER & GETTING YOU IN THE DOOR.  Period.  We DO NOT use predictive dialers, there will always be a live person right here in one of our 2 offices in the United States making calls on your behalf.

Although we have a very strong presence in the insurance industry, we’ve helped other companies’ from payroll, coffee/water service, chamber membership drives to company acquisitions.  If you have a service that we feel strongly about to offer to another business, we will make the calls.  I do want to reiterate though, we must feel good about the service you are offering.  If we feel it’s not a viable service, won’t be effective or in any way not on the up & up, we will politely decline to take your business.


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