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“Calltact marketing has been a tremendous partner in helping our agency meet its growth initiatives.  They have learned our agency’s strengths, offerings and what our ideal client looks like, and how to communicate this to get us in front of the client.  This partnership has resulted in our writing $475,000 in new business to date, and its only February.  Can’t wait to see what the 2019 year finishes out at…”

- Brandon Pittman

“With the help of CallTACT Marketing, Inc. I closed over $800,000 in new commercial business last year”

- Brad Worth

"I found that you provide a more personal touch, are more responsive, the quality of the telemarketer is better (and more consistant), and your pricing options are easier to handle."

- David Hanuschak

"The experience that CallTACT offers outweighs that of any other telemarketing firms we have tried in the past. They have market place knowledge and are an extension of our professionalism. 'Proof is in the pudding' we simply have a better sales ratio working with CallTACT."

- Andrea Der Manouel

"Calltact Marketing is the best telemarketing company out there. Tamei is fast, effective and knows how to get the job done right. She knows many techniques to generate better results. For example, she changes her voice drawl and tone to match the prospect's comfort level, encouraging them to open up and talk. She's helped us generate over $2.5 million in new business leads to date. We are currently using her to launch a new program and she's helped us generate over $395,000 in new business in 3 months so far. I recommend Tamei's services for any business looking for positive results."

- Sean Kelly

"I have another appointment this morning - my appointment of a couple weeks ago netted a BOR on an account - so far so good - and you are doing a better job than all the others combined!  Keep up the good work!!"

-  Dean Marques